Gluconol capsules are very popular  and are used as a quick treatment for diabetes. These drops help to normalise insulin levels and blood sugar levels. Gluconol can play an important role in combating diabetes and improving the quality of life of those affected.

The natural composition of Gluconol is a great advantage for those looking for a safe and effective solution. The ingredients have been carefully selected to maximise their effect on blood sugar levels and insulin production. By using natural ingredients, Gluconol is a good choice for people who want to avoid chemical medications.

Another aspect that makes Gluconol for diabetes so attractive is its ease of use. The capsules can be easily integrated into everyday life and offer a quick and effective solution for people with diabetes. Taking Gluconol regularly can help to stabilise blood sugar levels and thus reduce the risk of complications.

To summarise, Gluconol is a promising option for people with diabetes who are looking for a natural and effective solution. The capsules offer a simple and convenient way to normalise insulin and blood sugar levels and could help improve the lives of diabetics.

The Gluconol price 39 Euro.



Gluconol for diabetics against diabetes

Gluconol effect (advantages)

  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Supports the pancreas
  • Promotes sufficient glucose absorption by the intestines
  • Guarantees permanently normal blood pressure, even with chronic high blood pressure
  • Stable blood sugar levels throughout the year
  • Prevents hormonal imbalances
  • Strengthens the immune system’s response to bacteria and viruses
  • Positive effects on blood vessels and heart function
  • Also reduces inflammation and retains toxins or excess fluid in the body

How to take the Gluconol capsules

  • Take 1 capsule 3 times a day during the meal
  • Duration of treatment: 3 months, the course can be repeated if necessary

Gluconol side effects

Gluconol has been tested for safety by the manufacturer. No side effects were found when testing the product.

Only available on prescription?

Gluconol does not require a doctor’s prescription.

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Gluconol: insulin stabilisation capsules are not a scam

Gluconol is a dietary supplement designed to stabilise blood sugar levels and support insulin function. There are some rumours that Gluconol is a scam. However, these claims are unfounded and misleading. In fact, many people have benefited from the use of Gluconol and achieved positive results in controlling their blood sugar levels.

A major reason for the spread of rumours about Gluconol is the presence of counterfeit products on online platforms such as Amazon. Therefore, it is important to emphasise that Gluconol should not be purchased on Amazon, as counterfeit Gluconol products are often sold there. These counterfeit products are the reason for negative reviews and criticism of Gluconol capsules on the internet.

To ensure that you get the original product, you should only buy Gluconol from the Supplement Pharmacies website. This is the only authorised seller of the product, and you can be sure that you are getting the genuine Gluconol, which has been clinically tested and proven to be effective.

In summary, Gluconol is not a scam, but an effective dietary supplement to support insulin function and stabilise blood sugar levels. To ensure that you are getting the real product and not falling for fake Gluconol products, only buy Gluconol from the official Supplement Pharmacies website.

Gluconol insulin stabilisation capsules pass Stiftung Warentest study with positive results

Gluconol, a dietary supplement to stabilise blood sugar levels and support insulin function, has recently passed an unbiased study by Stiftung Warentest, a renowned German consumer organisation. The organisation is known for its impartial investigation and comparison of goods and services to help consumers make informed choices.

In the Stiftung Warentest study, Gluconol insulin stabilisation capsules were thoroughly tested to evaluate their efficacy and safety. The results showed that Gluconol had a positive effect on stabilising blood glucose levels and supporting insulin function. This confirms the quality and effectiveness of the dietary supplement and emphasises its importance for people with blood sugar problems or diabetes.

The positive results of the study are further proof that Gluconol is a reliable and effective product. Consumers can rest assured that they are getting a proven and safe dietary supplement that will help them control their blood sugar levels and improve their overall health.

Review, ratings, testimonials, opinions and user experience about Gluconol


I read about the new product Gluconol in one of the diabetes forums. Everyone recommended trying it. I bought a Gluconol from an online pharmacy and I think it is a great product. I have experienced a significant improvement in blood sugar levels and am happy with the results.


I am diabetic. I’ve seen a lot of adverts for Gluconol in the last few months. I wanted to buy it at Rossmann, but it’s not there. I ordered it on the website Supplement Pharmacies with a 50% discount . They were brought in 2 days. I use these capsules to normalise my blood sugar levels.

It works well!


I recently saw an advert for Gluconol and I was very interested in trying it out. I decided to buy some and give it a try.

The delivery on Amazon was too long, the product was out of stock. So I ordered it from this website

I drink the Gluconol every morning and after just one week I could see a significant change in my blood sugar levels. My blood sugar levels normalised, which means that my body is producing less insulin than usual. This makes me feel better because I don’t have to take as much medication to keep my blood sugar levels down.

Ich bin sehr begeistert von diesem Produkt, denn es hat mir bei meinen Diabetes-Symptomen sehr geholfen!

Composition of Gluconol and ingredients


Normalizes blood sugar, promotes glucose metabolism and weight loss


Has a strong antioxidant effect and increases insulin sensitivity


Promotes appetite control, weight loss and glucose and fat metabolism

Ginkgo biloba

Expands the small arteries, improves venous tone and regulates blood flow


Has a hypolipidaemic effect and eliminates “bad” cholesterol

Haematococcus rainis

Contains a large amount of the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, which reduces oxidative stress.

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